The Sovereign Nation of Chilcotin

Most people don’t know about the sovereign, independent nation/state of the “Chilcotin” located in what was formerly known as the heart of “British Columbia, Canada” located between the 50 & 53.5 parallels, [combining the currently known regions of  the Chilcotin plateau, the Cariboo plateau, the coast line and the Lillooet areas] however technically speaking the Chilcotin Nation was never part of “Canada”.

The Tsilhqot’in/Chilcotin people never signed a treaty with Canada and based on that, the Supreme Court of Canada acknowledged they have title to their land in a landmark decision. [Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia, 2014 SCC]

Even more importantly what most people don’t know, is how the Chilcotin Nation could benefit them!!!

For example, the Constitution of the Tsilhqot’in Nation was ratified March 15, 2015 by the hereditary Chilcotin National Congress, which created the first international aboriginal court called the “Universal Supreme Court of the Tsilhqot’in”. This court could overturn or nullify laws or bills in Canada or the USA or wherever native people live on this planet and is currently the highest court in North America.

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Universal Supreme Court of the Tsilhqot’in Nation

Outlawed Forced Vaccinations on December 15, 2020

Most people don’t know that the Universal Supreme Court has outlawed forced vaccinations on December 15, 2020. People who do not want to be force vaccinated need to rely on this court ruling. There are many businesses in the USA who are now compelling their employees to get the Covid lethal injection and people are complying, not knowing an international court has already ruled on this subject and prohibited such requirements. 

As of yet no one has asked the Universal Supreme Court to outlaw Covid lethal injections per se, but the minute someone brings such an action the USCT can outlaw all Covid “vaccines” and thereby save many lives.

People can also bring indictments to the Universal Supreme Court against those who are involved in committing genocide, eugenics and world depopulation. People are being murdered world wide needlessly when there is an international court which could stop this madness. People just need to support the validity of this bona fide court system.

The Universal Supreme Court of the Tsilhqot’in is just as valid a court as any other existing court (if not more so) based on international laws such as the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of State, that is why no one in Canada or the USA has ever challenged its validity based in law because they know they would lose.  Every ruling issued by the USCT has to be upheld by every other court until someone can prove the USCT to be false (which nobody can do).  

Furthermore, since 2015, the Chilcotin National Congress has sought to increase the standard of living for its citizens/members, ironically meeting with very little success. For example, the CNC has abrogated the BC Forest Act to replace it with the Tsilhqot’in Forest Act in an effort to save the logging/sawmilling industry by deregulating the business and guaranteeing employment for everyone. Instead of paying the stumpage fees to the CNC the logging and sawmilling companies decided to stick with Canada and now most people in the forestry industry are out of work.

Likewise, the Chilcotin National Congress tried to drastically reduce the sales tax, property and business taxes their citizens/members had to pay but that was also met with scorn and ridicule by Canadian government employees and bribed native folks which the public decided to follow. Thus they convinced the public to continue attorning to the jurisdiction of illegally invading and occupying Canadian shills by paying the higher taxes to Canada.

The Chilcotin National Congress wants to implement free education for all from early childhood to post secondary for all its citizens/members, free dental as well as medical headed by a brilliant Chinese physician who has extensive knowledge in both conventional and alternative medicines, free land to give away for all members and citizens for agricultural pursuits, free care for the elderly and more, but no one seems interested in attorning to the jurisdiction of the Chilcotin National Congress.

Gilbert Solomon at Teztan Biny – land, language and culture. Photo Garth Lenz

Oh, did I mention, that the Chilcotin National Congress wants to eradicate all poverty and unemployment, guaranteeing housing and employment for every citizen/member? But alas, the Canadian unemployment and poverty rate seemed more desirable to native and non-natives.

Which again brings me back to the future death rate from Covid shots in the Chilcotin Nation which could have been prevented if people would have supported the Chilcotin National Congress and the Universal Supreme Court in a timely manner. Now, instead, many will suffer and die needlessly because of the lack of support for the CNC and USCT. Canada, with all its corruption, crime and eugenics/depopulation agenda appears to be the choice of the day.

No wonder Trudeau and the New World Order are having a good laugh. The Chilcotin Nation is undoubtedly the NWO’s best kept secret and its most feared opponent.

So, it will remain interesting to see how many people Trudeau and the NWO will have to murder before people will get it and support the Chilcotin National Congress and the Universal Supreme Court and the Chilcotin Nation. It will be interesting to see how long people will continue to be trauma bonded to their Canadian/USA terrorists “governments”.

For those who are starting to get it though, grievances, criminal and civil cases as well as appeals from other courts can be attorned to the USCT today by  e-mailing the court at: 

For further information regarding the Chilcotin National Congress please contact Suzanne Holland at 1-250-303-0267